The upcoming trends in Digital Qualitative Research

MROC: By MROC we understand Market Research Online Communities.  It is a blend of social media, online forums, discussions and qualitative research which offers long term advantages and an in depth insight. The biggest advantage of this platform is that it is able to suit nearly all audiences. It is a very useful and powerful tool at a very low cost for the researcher as compared to what in person interaction would cost.

Qualitative Research and Social Media: It is one of the main forces where technology is used in qualitative research. It helps from the stage of qualifying students to the stage of where research is conducted on the different platforms that are available. These platforms of social media also have been found useful when one talks of long term research. This is primarily because the cost associated with social media research is very low and it has easy management and communication features.

Mobile Ethnography:  During certain times, ethnography had its limitations of being a research method that would only work for large research projects and business houses. With the penetration and features that offer instant access that mobile research gives. It has made possible with a much lesser cost involved and in a situation where the researcher is pressed against time to conduct contextual immersion studies without the daunting requirement of onsite supervision.

Better Automation and a faster speed in marketing:  The amount of data that is available to researchers is more than never before. With the aid of tools such as artificial intelligence, data mining, trend analysis researchers are able to uncover trends, relate data and find results, much better than ever before. The overall time that research took earlier has reduced significantly and has created the path for a very lucrative market for research in the times to come.


More emphasis on the Experience of the customer: The way technology has taken over in the field of research and the innumerable options that are available which aid in interactive research are phenomenal.  Word clouds, video clips, storytelling, geo location targeting, mobile surveys et al help to capture a more genuine self of the respondent. As an outcome of the change, the conventional question and answer session is losing its ground to newer technology at a pace which is unbelievable.

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