Are there tips to survive a PhD? Yes there are!!

Academics need you as much: A lot of institutes and universities need worthy scholars as much as the scholars need them. A good record of achievements in PhD is a an essential requisite for a bright career in academics.  The researcher must have no apprehension in approaching potential supervisors directly.

Take onus of your PhD: With the number of instructions, suggestions and opinions coming in the PhD course from the supervisor or other sources. Finally it is the baby and the responsibility of the scholar himself and nobody. It is because he himself has to defend it in the viva and no one else would do it. Often when researchers don’t handle the research as their own and merely only do the bidding for their supervisors they tend to get very mixed output. There would be many in this situation who give up half way n prefer to drop out, other exhaust themselves completely in a futile attempt to please the supervisor and those who actually manage to get themselves the degree do not enjoy the taste of complete  accomplishment as they feel their work is not entirely their own thing.

Writing should be a continuous process of the journey:  Often students in the third year of their PhD have not even managed to pen down few thousand words. At this stage they are soon daunted and overwhelmed by having the task of meeting the challenge of 80 thousand words. The scholar should work towards penning down the different chapters from the beginning of the research.

Whether you like it or not, love to hate your thesis: there will surely come a point, when the researcher would end up hating his thesis. It is completely normal and natural. The solution here would be take a break and breathe. Take a holiday and try to do something different. It would help to sort out the situation and come down on track.

It is better to finish it rather than seek perfection: in the case of a PhD thesis, those who are even perfectionist should seek to finish rather than seek perfection in any way. Perfection lies in the eyes of the reader.

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