Administration of the Questionnaires

Often we see professors doing research over the students in the university campus when they are doing a study on relevant topics of topical interest. When the questionnaire has to administer during teaching, certain elements need to be kept in mind. Some important things to take care of are:

  1. Agree to the schedule of courses and modules
  2. Do prior preparation of the students
  3. Administer the questionnaire in complete guidance and supervision
  4. Analyse questionnaire
  5. Report the outcome of the process and chalk out a plan for better outcomes
  6. Report the outcome to the concerned stakeholders and also to students
  7. Implement the action plan
  8. Do  a review of the changes made

The most crucial and of critical importance among all these steps is the administration of the questionnaire. The process which is adopted to give the questionnaire to the responding students and the way in which it is received back in very important. In order ensure that there is successful implementation, there is a requirement of active involvement from the end of the different individuals or groups

Maximization of the student response rate is a criterion for successful questionnaire.

Certain tips can be kept in mind so as to improve the administering process.

  1. The hand-outs if the questionnaire should be given in the beginning of the time span only so as to ensure they get enough time to complete the same.
  2. Though this kind of study should be taken up around at the end of the course, but certainly not at a time when the attendance of the students is relatively low.
  3. The timing for the same should be such that there is minimal scope for researchers/professors to bias the response rate or the responses
  4. Enough time should be spent upon preparing students for imparting the importance of purpose of the questionnaire. Verbal reinforcements should be done from time to time.
  5. The head of the department should play its role to ensure that a word is sent across regarding the importance of the questionnaire and students do take it seriously.
  6. Last but not the least, it is imperative to add above all questionnaires a paragraph that stresses on the value and purpose of the questionnaire, confidentiality commitment of the responses and a  humble request for co-operation and honest contribution