Varied Problems Faced by Academicians and Researchers

A lot of problems are seen on a rise among people involved in research and academic around the world. There are various pressures surmounting than ever before. There is greater job insecurity, demanding results and a lot of marketing and sales around

There is growing rate of researchers seeking medical help for psychological stress. Problems such as depression sleep disorders, eating disorders, alcoholism and sometime even suicidal attempts have been brought out and have attracted the attention of many a experts and demanded a solution to this changing pressure level in higher academics.

There is stigma attached to mental health problems and that is the reason that though the numbers of affected persons are more, the initiatives taken by the universities do not get the genuine response from help seekers.

There is demand for increased product and productivity and the doctoral and post-doctoral study requires candidates/scholars to produce results in multiple areas. From research ratings to ability to arrange funds for research, there is a lot expected from them.

The academic environment is not caring enough towards the work life balance. There have been initiatives to bring in the change and but no revolution has taken place till now and still there are people in the higher academia who are insensitive.

It is difficult to change, modify or break the internalised values within the universities. It is difficult to find academicians offering support and solutions cannot be brought in or imposed from the other sectors.

A lot of negativity and inflexibility in attitude can augment mental health conditions. These attitudes intimidate the person.

Several universities have started their journey towards offering support but still a lot more could be done my many to support this challenging journey and help academicians and researchers to handle the pressure and convert distress into eustress.

Well, how much can we expect to change in the future, when universities are becoming more like business houses? There is a growing need that they get monitored individually. Else what would happen is that they wouldn’t meet basic standards of support for their members. It is imperative that they offer an accurate representation of the academic life and in an attempt to maximise their profit, do not sell and exploit the people

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