Stuck with data analysis of your doctoral research? Here is the rescue.

Getting lost in the land statistical Analysis is commonly seen in research scholars. Statistical analysis is not everyone’s cup of tea and it can. become the greatest cause of stress amongst researchers if they lack the knowledge of data analysis and use of software such as SPSS.

Q. How can perfection in data analysis be attained?

  1. Data analysis is a step by step process and can be simplified with the use of statistical tool such as SPSS. In the case of a PhD student, primarily you must be aware of the. various stages that need to be taken up in the sequence specified. Often without the help of experts in the use of statistical tools and SPSS software, you may find yourself lost among these stages. The broad understanding of these stages can be explained as:
  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Data Interpretation
  4. Report Writing

Q.If some of my data is missing, can experts help in data analysis on missing data?

  1. Yes, that is the benefit of taking statistical expert’s help. They will strive to understand what are objectives of the study and the available sources of data so that there can be some correlation in judgement be established. The experts can also provide you statistical analysis of failure time data to help you to meet your research objective.

Q.How can I establish authentication of the work done by the statistical expert for my PhD?

  1. The experts always work on the reliability of data before they proceed for the analysis. The experts follow the set research pedagogy and established a procedure to make sure that the data is valid and reliable for analysis. With such sound approach towards analysis, there is no second thought towards the authentication and the quality of the data.

Q.Will I be able to explain and justify the data interpretation done for my work in front of my research committee?

  1. The is the best part of working with expert analysts who give you the analysis in such a simplified fashion with enough tutorials to be able to convincingly justify your analysis in front of the experts and get the green signal for your thesis. With substantive experience in handling the data analysis for the premium universities across the country, this is not something to worry about even the least as they are well aware of the expectation level and standards of the universities as well as the supervisory committee.

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