EViews And Secondary Data Analysis

Econometric Views, also known as EViews, is a package of econometric, forecasting and statistics which guides the academicians, scholars, researchers, institutions and other data analysing experts. Through an object-oriented interface, EViews provides access to tools for statistical analysis, time-series analysis, forecasting and modelling ideas which are easy and reliable to use for quantitative analysis. The Secondary Data Analysis is most of the times quantitative analysis which helps in finding the gaps and inconsistencies that may have occurred in the past and thus, EViews assists in analysing the data through various methods.

Benefits of EViews

01 EViews can be used for making Histograms within a few simple steps.

02 ​One can link a customized Data-Table to the PowerPoint as well.

03 ​The data can be saved in different file formats including Excel, STATA and SAS.

04 ​EViews also supports Windows technologies like copy-pasting, embedding, object linking and ODBC connections.

Tasks Which Can Be Performed on EViews

Graph Designing

Data Management
Statistical Analysis

How Does EViews Help In Conducting Secondary Data Analysis?

EViews has been designed while keeping the user interface in mind which makes it simpler to use for various purposes that can assist in conducting a Secondary Data Analysis. It includes easy steps of data input and import, statistical analysis, data visualisation, forecasting, model solving, estimation and provides good quality presentation for publication as well.

Along with the easy steps, EViews also provides extensive programming and command language and it can be used to automate repetitive tasks as well. The advanced assistance of EViews also include techniques for regression analysis, coefficient statistics, weighted regression, logistic regression and all of this can be done with the least square method.

Panel Data, horizontal section analysis, vector autoregression, granger causality tests, cointegration and simulations are some of the other tasks which are supported by EViews. Moreover, EViews supports different file formats including Excel, SAA, SPSS, TSP, Stata and Rats for an all-rounder support to the data analysts.

How Do We Assist?

StatWorkz is a team of PhD Statisticians who use the latest model of EViews to provide additional benefits like fractional Integration of GARCH models, model improvements, wavelet decompositions, graph animation, enhanced elastic net estimation and so on. 

We collect and enter the data in EViews and provide the result assistance to the candidates.

Our team helps in specifying the equations according to the criteria mentioned.

​We help in choosing the appropriate method for the data analysis as per the research requirement.

​We also help in selecting the sample that needs to be used for the data estimation.

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