Dissertation Statistics Help

The good, bad and complicated facets of dissertation statistics, made easy for you.

Dissertation statistics service, most of the times, prove to be a life savior for PhD researchers who stuck with analyzing the statistical data obtained.  Statistics is an integral part of all research work that is undertaken across the globe. The aim of a research is to find a fresh perspective on an issue, get a solution to a problem, or to prove a theory. For any of these goals, a researcher needs to gather data related to the problem, analyze it and decipher the results. This process of data collection, analysis and interpretation of the outcome involves statistics and at Statworkz we offer dissertation statistics help to simplify this process.

Statworkz has a team of accomplished PhD statisticians, who are adept in the various statistical techniques and have experience in completing chapter four of the dissertation. They are able to help the scholars by simplifying the problems and offering timely solutions for every block faced. Whenever the client feels confused about the tools being used and techniques adopted, he can get in touch with the statistician working on his project and get a prompt resolution to queries regarding dissertation statistics service.

The scope of the dissertation statistics service that Statworkz provides extends to all the stages of statistical research. Researchers can access our team for:

  • Writing Results Chapter
  • Data Analysis using SPSS, STATA, E Views or SAS
  • Data Arrangement and Management
  • Data Collection
  • Design Questionnaires

Research assistance is provided for both quantitative and qualitative projects. According to the requirement of the research, data analysis tools and tests are adopted. We provide comprehensive help for research methodology formulation and data analysis chapters. On the other hand, researchers also have the option of taking customized services for power analysis at the proposal stage and structured equation modeling using AMOS. Our statistics dissertation help service is inclusive of data analysis, interpretation report and free revisions for 30 days.

Though SPSS is the most favored and popular tool for data analysis used by researchers, our team is also trained for using Stata, Eviews and Amos for quantitative research and Nvivo for qualitative research. The tests and modules are applied with accuracy and the outcome is presented in a simplified manner. Statworkz also prepares the clients for research defense related to statistical chapters, by giving the rationale for choosing the statistical tests.

To get a quote for our statistics dissertation help service, please send in details of your research, data, expected turnaround and preferred choice of software at contact@statworkz.com. We usually revert within one business day with details of our offerings and a price quote.

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