Stages of Assistance

Stage 1: Helping with Research Methodology

Research methodology can be confusing and complex. Most PhD candidates require help in finalizing the correct methodology for their research. Our research consultants are well versed with setting up research design and formulating correct methodology for any type of research. Research methodology consultation will be collaborative and generally requires two weeks to be completed. In some cases, we assist in designing the questionnaire or adapting a questionnaire for the research under question.

Stage 2: Pilot Study analysis

At this stage, we assist doctoral candidates with preliminary data analysis for the pilot study they have conducted. We run all the reliability and validity tests including a check on Cronbach alpha.

Stage 3: Full Data Analysis

This is the stage when PhD candidates need to complete their chapter 4 of the dissertation. We assist in running descriptive and inferential tests. These include mean, mode, median for demographics or other details of the respondents and conducting tests like Anova, Mancova, T Tests, Chi Square, Regression and Correlation. For studies involving multi-variate analysis, we also run PCA and CFA analysis. We offer support for AMOS modelling and time series analysis using STATA as well.

Stage 4: Interpretation of results

At this stage, we conduct interpretation of the results achieved. Our statisticians provide a brief interpretation for every table, graph or picture thrown up by the software. This helps the candidate to develop an understanding of the results and explain the same to his supervisor.

Stage 5: Query resolution

At this stage, we offer answers, replies to clarifications sought by our clients. All our server orders are covered with free query resolution for upto 60 days.

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