Data Analysis Stage

For analyzing your research data, you must use reliable statistical tools and appropriate techniques to yield justified results. However, collecting data from various resources using various means throughout the research process makes data analysis an iterative process. You can never rest assured with the results obtained through the analysis unless you observe it to be correct through the close examination of each of the measures and steps undertaken.

Both qualitative and quantitative research requires the right implementation of statistical or non-statistical procedures depending on the form of analysis and form of data collected. Where you may struggle to get it done with accuracy and precision, you must ensure the integrity of data as improper data analysis would result in incorrect research findings.

To not let such an awful consequence happen in your data analysis, we offer exclusive qualitative and quantitative data analysis services in US and UK. With our expert statisticians, you need not worry about the accuracy and integrity of your data analysis. If you are stuck at one step in analyzing data using tools such as SAS or SPSS, or you feel helpless with AMOS, our team shall take care of your research data analysis.

Under our data analysis service, we can help you with any or all of the following issues:

  • Unbiased inferences were drawn
  • Incorrect group or subgroup analysis
  • Recurring Type I or Type II errors
  • Issues in scale of variables, research design, and data collection
  • Sampling and nonsampling errors caused
  • Inappropriate use of logistic or linear regression
  • Opposite or inaccurate results in ordinal logistic regression
  • Unable to get standardized regression coefficients

You can discuss your project with us to know more of the ways by which we can help you resolve the above mentioned as well as other issues you are having in qualitative or quantitative data analysis. If you have collected research data but need assistance in getting started with analysis from the scratch, you can reach our expert statistical consultants at

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