Dissertation Statistics Consultant

The dissertation statistics consultant associated with us offer comprehensive assistance for statistical research. Hiring a statistical consultant for your proposal and dissertation completion is ethical and recommended by many committee members. At Statworkz, we have a team of 14 statistical consultants led by Dr. Kevin Douglas, who can help you complete the research design and data analysis.  The process of consultation is comprehensive and includes help for:

Research Design
  • Decide data requirement
  • Forming the questionnaire
  • Selecting data sources
  • Identifying data collection methods
Data Analysis
  • Deciding the research methods
  • Selection of data analysis tools
  • Application of tests
  • Interpretation of results

When hiring a dissertation statistics consultant, relevancy in your subject matter and statistician’s experience in dealing with varied and complex analysis can help you complete your statistical portion smoothly and correctly. To request a quote for hiring a statistical consultant, please write to us about our requirement at contact@statworkz.com

Our focus is not only on helping you to carry out statistical analysis of research data, but also to guide you for identifying the factors of research that will ensure the completion of the project with optimum use of resources like time and money. To achieve this aim, our consultants do not follow a routine process, but customize the solutions they provide according to the needs of the study and the time available to complete it.

When you should approach a Statistical Consultant?

  • When you have to select the methodology and prepare the design
  • To select the best tests and modules that will give the desired results
  • When you are not sure which questions to include for data collection
  • When you wish us to help you apply the tests, create modules, tables, graphs, pie-charts and other illustrations
  • When you need to present the outcome of the research in a simplified manner

Whatever your need, we can offer a tailor made package for consultation. Whether it is the proposal that you are working on, or are preparing to complete your dissertation statistics, our consultants can help you, right through your dissertation statistics phase.

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