Qualitative Data Analysis

Many qualitative researchers cover half the way up to PhD without much chaos unless they reach that stage where they are required to perform data analysis. You may find many resources available on the internet like detailed guides on coding and useful software for analyzing qualitative data. Well, let us be a little blunt here that there is no standard method applicable in coding various types of qualitative data and the software can only help you in the analysis which means it will not do the qualitative data analysis for you. Your data coding and analysis process depend upon your research question which seems confusing to researchers.

Our Service Scope for Qualitative Data Analysis:

  1. Coding of Data
  2. Themes generation using colors
  3. Manual thematic analysis discussing the research question or Analysis using NVivo

Qualitative data analysis requires a focused approach to understand the society, interpret the behaviour and experience of the people to make sense out of it and develop a theory. Many students stuck with distillation & organization of the relevant information and data to feed it into the computer or software for analysis. Through our qualitative data analysis service, we help such students to get out of the messy transcripts & scattered codes for facilitating their research process. Our team is constituted of data analysts expert in sorting and analyzing the qualitative data you have collected through the interviews or focus groups.

Here are the milestones of our qualitative data analysis services that lead us to an accurate data analysis for your research:


We filter the research data you collected by narrowing the scope of your data and sorting them out once we identify the dominating themes.


We further categorize the filtered data into the segments of similar data. Also, initial codes are derived from your expertise, research topic & existing literature.



Analysing the questionnaire & transcripts, we generate codes based upon the nature of phenomenon & themes using color coding technique. We provide you with codes & marginal remarks.


We feed the generated codes into the software used for qualitative data analysis. We are trained analysts to work with Nvivo, ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA, etc.


Based upon the data analysis report, we interpret your data around suitable theoretical framework such as grounded theory, distributed cognition & activity theory.

If you are struggling with any of these milestones, why not consult us today before your deadline knocks you down? Share the details & requirements of your research project with our experts at contact@statworkz.com.

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