Dissertation Proposal Help

If you are at the prospectus or proposal stage, you need to get started with the statistics part of your research. This may include power analysis calculations which is nothing but the sample size calculation.

Even after having finalized the topic of your dissertations, most PhD candidates are unaware about how to calculate the sample size for their research and which tests to mention in the proposal methods section. It is a known fact that different statistical tests are used for measuring different things. For students and researchers, it is very important to be clear about the actual purpose of undertaking a specific statistical test; because this is the sole factor which would help you to decide the type of statistical test you need to perform for your dissertation/thesis.

At this stage, we also assist with questionnaire design based on how the study is designed. For quantitative studies, we can help the candidate choose between a standardized questionnaire and custom designed questionnaire and advising on the pilot study. For qualitative studies, we can work with the candidate to develop interview questions, semi-structured and structured questions as well.

StatWorkz provides assistance with sample size calculation, to calculate how many respondents you need and its justification.  Calculating the right number of respondents for your topic and being able to justify the same is essential to get over the proposal stage of your dissertation.  StatWorkz can help you with determining the sample size/power analysis for your doctoral study. Reach us at contact@statworkz.com for dissertation proposal help.

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