Are you fit to be a sports statistician?

If you are a sports enthusiast, you must have often looked for and bragged about your knowledge of the statistics related to your favorite team or player. The world of sports relies heavily on statistics. There are figures for everything; bowling records, batting averages, number of goals hit in a career, highest speed for a marathon. There is no end to the things that sports persons can measure and record with the help of statistics.

Have you ever imagined who keeps these records, and who does all the calculation? While there are experts who are dedicated to sports and maintenance of these records, the majority of the work is being done by academicians whose primary interest is not sports but statistics. They create the modules for the sake of growth of the subject. So, there is a need for statisticians who will be more interested in various forms of sports.

If you have an interest in statistics and mathematics, and are a sports lover, your profile perfectly matches that of an ideal sports statistician. You will need to complete a course in the subject, and then work as a freelancer with a team. Alternatively, you can pick a project at your master’s level that involves working in such a position. Based on your research, and the report you prepare, you can bag a job with a reputed team.

The tasks at the initial level would relate to data collection by observing the players and watching entire games. You will also have to do data management and entry in the various software programs. The data will have to be saved for further analysis. In fact, not all data is useful; selecting newsworthy data is also a part of sports statistician’s job. Think that you are game for the position? Then go ahead and prepare well.

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