Importance of well-designed dissertation research methodology

Dissertations have become an integral part of Higher Education and any Masters level program over the past few years. A dissertation is the scientific documentation of the research work conducted during the academic period by the student. Like any scientific research, to achieve a winning dissertation, it is essential to work one’s way through a well-designed research methodology.

In the vast field of research and dissertation, it becomes difficult to follow a particular research methodology to achieve the desired results. The key element here is to strategize and follow a particular approach according to the requirement or need of the researcher. Thorough understanding of the topic of research and referring to past samples of research provide the researcher with an idea to formulate his own methodology for his field of research.

To cope up with a number of issues or problems arising during one’s research, it is very important to do a qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of the available research methods. Triangulation or using mixed research methods is an important part of social science research and helps to create a great methodology.

Application of a pragmatic research approach as per which, combining methodologies within the same project for dissertation statistics further enables researchers to use specific research techniques suitable for solving the problems arising during their area or work. A well-designed dissertation research methodology primarily focuses on creating an appropriate structure for the dissertation.

While forming an appropriate dissertation research methodology, one has to be extra cautious in abiding by research ethics, referencing and a great amount of intellectual honesty. The methodology should essentially fit through the spectrum of possible approaches viz. qualitative and quantitative research. Researchers should repeatedly focus on methodological issues in writing and revising one’s dissertation plan.

Thus, a well-conducted research based on a strong methodology is vital for the success of the dissertation or thesis. Utmost importance should be given to advance through one’s thesis following the strategies and guidelines based on the methodology adopted for one’s research. A well-designed dissertation research methodology is as critical in creating a winning dissertation, as is the implementation of the principles suggested by it.

The key to a successful research project lies in a great design, effective strategizing, prompt execution, and thorough amalgamation of the relevant knowledge pertaining to the area of research to inform action. While a great deal of focus on designing the dissertation research methodology, one must not compromise on its analytical as well as literary quality.

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