Student researchers need some rules and tips for writing

It is good for beginner researchers or student researchers to have a set of rules and tips to follow while doing research, so as to not waiver from the path of success in research. Some of the important tips and suggestions are:

  1. Rule of Three Words:  With the purpose of doing plagiarism free research, the three word rule is imperative to adopt. Students must ensure never to copy more than three words in a row from a single source. If that is done, it is important to put them in quotation and cite the source of the quote. If the writer does not take care of these minute but significant details, plagiarism would become a serious concern in the research. Often the penalties for this are severe.
  2. The rule of 20 per cent:  The researcher must ensure that not more than 20 percent of the paper should comprise quotations. The paper grades go down with lot of skilful and expertise copying and a good paper is rated on how effectively have the evidence been presented and with what expertise have the thoughts been expressed in the words of the researcher. The quotations should be confined for special circumstances when it is not possible to change the original language else the essence of the content would get distorted.
  3. The Criterion for Citation System: The reader should have the ease in checking the accuracy of the sources. This is a proof for an effective citation system. The various conventions or formats available give many alternatives to the researcher. One format should be chosen and the researcher should stick to it.  The choice of the convention should be done by reading the understanding the format followed by the best researches on your topic and the one that suits the topic the best.
  4. Citing of Page Numbers:  Page numbers are mandatory to be included when the researcher is citing a quotation. Whenever doubt occurs, the safest technique is to use page numbers. When a general idea is being expressed from a particular source. It is completely acceptable to omit page numbers.
  5. Citation should be complete:  Complete information of the source should be provided when giving citation. Whenever a source is being referred in the content, it must appear in the bibliography or reference list provided at the back.  These errors would not occur if mindless copying is avoided.
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