How to choose a worthy research topic?

It is herculean and challenging to choose a good topic of research. If the topic of research is not good, it can make the entire process of research can become very frustrating. The process certainly becomes easier and smoother when the topic is good and complete. There are certain general tips that can be kept in mind while choosing the topic. They are:

 Tentative list of topic should be made beforehand:  Much before actually starting the research, the researcher must start to enlist interesting and worthy topics of read.  Well thought over and pondered decision that is taken after consideration of various researches is always a brilliant topic of study.

Interest of the reader should be aligned to the topic: The researcher should choose a topic that he is interested in and has the urge to learn more about it.  The research not only becomes interesting but also meaningful in the inclination of the research is greater towards the topic.

Understanding of the assignment: Small details of the research requirement need to be understood at the stage of the topic decision itself. What is to be the length of the paper,  what sources are need to be used. How long is the paper supposed to be?  Whether the voice of the paper should be objective or subjective?

Gather Background Information:  after having a generalised idea about the broad range of the topic it is time to gather some relevant background information so that the key words for the research can be brainstormed.  The encyclopaedias are a good source to pick up sufficient background information

Scope for topic modification:  after having finalised the topic , when the research begins there may come the requirement to narrow or broaden the scope of the study.  There are chances that the researcher may find something more concrete, better and exclusive while moving along the research. It is not unusual but quite a normal part of the research to modify and redefine the topic in between the research. This adds worthiness to the research because of the enriched experience of the researcher. Flexibility to modify and change the topic, even in the process of research is permissible and accepted.

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