Eviews and its use

Eviews offers different regression and forecasting tools on the window computers.  With this software a statistical relation can be developed from the data which can be used to forecast the future values of the data.  There are many areas of research, particularly related to the financial analysis where Eviews is of use. The different areas are:

  • Sales Forecasting
  • Cost Analysis
  • Forecasting cost
  • Financial scrutiny of data
  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Simulation

Eviews is a latest version of a collection of tools that helps in manipulation of the time series data. Before the existence and evolution of Eviews what largely worked was MicroTSP.  Eviews is largely famous for its use in economics and it was also developed by economists with the similar vision of using it extensively in economic decision making., but its usefulness expands beyond that and  many a kinds of cross sectional projects can be handled in Eviews.

The primary data object within Eviews is time series. For each series, there is a name and it is simple to request operations by simply stating the name of the seres. It makes it very convenient to enter time series by the use of visual ways straight from the keyboard or the disk files and also equally simple to create new series from already the existing one or to show the print series and also the conducting of the statistical analysis of the relationship among the series.

Eviews is also very convenient to use in modern windows software. Your mouse can be used to guide in the very conventional windows menu and dialogs. It is also convenient and comfortable to manipulate the results.

Some of the important capabilities of Eviews are:

  • Entering of data’
  • Extension of data
  • Correction of data
  • Computation of new series in data
  • Plotting of the time series on the screen as well as the printer in  a scatter diagram, bar graphs and pie charts.
  • Multiple regression
  • Non linear least squares
  • Estimation of the binary choice model
  • Estimation and analysis of the autoregressive systems
  • Different descriptive statistics
  • Forecasting on the basis of regression
  • Solution of different simulation models

· Thus, we can see the Eviews offers many options and distinct features for data analysis, that go beyond the spectrum of finance and economics.

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