How to get productivity in writing

It is indeed difficult to get into the writing mode on a daily basis. Writing does become a habit but it takes its own sweet time before it actually becomes a habit and a lot of perseverance and dedication that is required for making it a habit.

Some strategies, if adopted wisely would help in developing the skill of writing consistently and make it a seamless part of your schedule

  1. Make a weekly writing plan: It should have realistic, achievable and clear objectives like finish literature review in chapter 3. Do not be over ambitious with your plan as it may just do the opposite of motivating you to write.
  2. Break the writing plan into days: Give smaller specific tasks for a particular day.
  3. Develop a daily routine for self: The most productive time of the day for writing is early morning. Wake up early in the morning and write the first thing before your concentration gets diverted to other zones. Make sure you sleep early, by 9 pm on usual nights so that your mind gets enough time for rejuvenation and sorting of thoughts for the output the next morning.
  4. Weave your routine around your circumstances: The circumstances that everyone has in their life challenge the implementation of this schedule. Writers with children and other members would not be able to stay so conceited to their own schedules. However, the underlying focus is her to have a balanced life so that there is time for everything.
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