Using SPSS for statistical data analysis

With statistics gaining momentum in almost every domain, more and more industries are utilizing the concept for reaching desired conclusions regarding various important aspects related to their business organization. Research industry is also not un-touched by statistics. A huge population of researchers are continuously using various statistical tools for undertaking the statistical analysis of the data that they have collected as per the research work.

SPSS is one of the most popular statistical tools used for carrying out the statistical analysis of the research data. SPSS, also known as PASW (Predictive Analytic Software) is a program that works with statistics. It is mainly used for doing research, analyzing data and working on thesis projects. One needs to learn everything about the software tool prior to using it. Since statistics and SPSS go hand in hand, so it is very important for you to be aware about what exactly statistics is. Well, statistics is a set of mathematical techniques that are used for summarizing research data and determining whether or not the data supports the researcher’s hypothesis.

To begin working with SPSS, first you need to launch the program. To start with, you need to click the start button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Point the mouse to all programs. Point to SPSS Inc. Then, to PASW Statistics 17(or whichever version of the program is installed on your computer). Click PASW Statistics 17 to launch the program and once the program has launched, a PASW Statistics 17 dialog box will appear. Click the cancel button to close the window. This will place you inside a blank data file titled “Untitled1”.

The internet is crowded with tutorials which will teach you how to use SPSS for undertaking the research data analysis process. You can follow all the steps provided in these tutorials and complete the statistical data analysis process in an effective manner. While choosing a particular website for understanding the concept of statistical data analysis, it is very important to ensure the authenticity of the website because with a lot of scam websites around, the chances of getting distracted are very high.

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