How to search for the right statistical help?

Listed below are some of the most convenient means of searching for the right statistical help for your research paper/dissertations/theses.

 User discussion forums – Visiting user discussion forums offers a brilliant opportunity to all those doctoral students who are looking for help on undertaking the statistical data analysis process in a timely fashion. By participating in different user discussion forums, you can conveniently stay updated regarding all the latest happening in the field of statistical data analysis and even get to work under the guidance of expert statisticians.

 Websites – The internet is full of websites which deal into offering better statistical support to students stuck with some or the other issues related to the statistical data analysis regime.

 Guide Book – Books have always been a knowledge store for students looking for information regarding different subjects. There are ample numbers of guide books which allow you to get information regarding various issues that arise during the statistical analysis of data collected for the research paper/dissertation/thesis.

 Research journals – Ample amount of statistical support can be gathered from journals which contain brief experiences of various researchers and/or PhD students who have been benefitted from the statistical help including SPSS help, SAS help, Stata help, E-Views help etc. rendered by professional statisticians.

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