Importance of statistics in Dissertation

As said number speaks more than words, the same can be true for a better dissertation. Although huge data can be collected from various sources students must know how to utilize the data and interpret them in a better way so the dissertation looks more meaningful. To do so students must utilize statistics to make the report more meaningful.

The most important thing that students need to consider while preparing dissertation is to choose the appropriate statistical tools and tests. Sufficient and appropriate data must be collected for necessary distribution assumptions. There are various statistical tools like SPSS, SAS, STATA, etc. which can help students in interpreting the data in a meaningful way. With numbers and analysis in the report, the reviewer will easily go through the report and can easily understand the analysis.

Use of statistics helps students to arrange and manage the data in a structured format. Use of statistics also saves valuable time of students who normally waste time working on complex calculations. By taking the help of a trained statistician or statistical tool students can considerable save a lot of time and money and also present a better report which will surely get approved and will also result in best grades.

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