The Ethics Of Thesis And Dissertation Statistics Consulting

Even though statistics may be a part of your research paper, there is a possibility that you may find it difficult to solve certain statistical problems. Therefore, you would need to take the help of a statistical consulting company that would show you how to solve the tough problems without revealing your name to anyone. It is not at all unethical to consult a statistical consulting company since they would guide you in case you feel helpless.

They only guide you

They will neither solve the problems on your behalf nor will they write your dissertation or thesis for you. In fact, they will only show you the way. In case you have a writer’s block or a different kind of stumbling block, they will tell you how you can overcome it. They will think of the right solutions for you and tell you how to go about solving the statistical problems in your dissertation or thesis – whichever of these you are doing at the moment. Statistical consulting will remove any biases present in your statistical analyses. When the dissertation or thesis is finally submitted, it will have only your name on it.

Follow the right format

Your university might require you to follow a certain format while presenting your thesis or dissertation. Since you would not want to take the risk of running afoul of your university’s regulations, consulting a statistical consultation firm will help you out at the end of the day to keep you from following the wrong format. Moreover, since those who work with such companies are experts in statistics and are usually aware of the rules and regulations of every university, it would be wise to consult them for some help in solving statistical problems. Besides, they are extremely ethical and they would never do anything that would put you in trouble.