Turn Your Dissertation into a Manuscript by Adding Statistics to It

The process of writing a dissertation transforms a student into a scholar. The very first book you publish will define your identity as a professional. However, when you add some more interesting chapters and statistics to it, your dissertation will become a manuscript that many people would refer to and you would end up becoming a superstar. So, you should consider taking the services of a statistical consultant to do it for you.

Manageable length

Your new chapters should be of manageable length so that people can easily read it without straining their eyes. A chapter with 60 or more pages would be too long. Make sure you add some interesting statistics to this new chapter by enlisting the help of a statistical consultant who can do it efficiently for you. He or she will make sure that your transition from the previous chapter goes smoothly. Make each of the chapters stand on its own. However, by adding statistics, you would also be able to connect one chapter to another with ease.

A throughline

Add a throughline to your dissertation. It is the logical organization of all your ideas into one central idea. Thus, it will become easier to organize all your chapters. All you need to do is to show the statistical consultant that you have done some research and that you have included some statistics. Who knows? He or she may even correct your statistical data for you along with doing some more statistical calculations and returning you the dissertation. You would need to take command of your work and show the audiences that you have done some good work.


Do not simply write the conclusion without making sure that it reflects your introduction. However, the same words should not be repeated. Make your research work a top work by including statistics at the end too.

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