The Credit Goes to Statistics for Bringing Credibility to Your Research

Researchers face the daunting task of organizing, analysing and summarizing different research-related data.The key responsibility is to bring credibility to their research. And here comes the significance of statistics.

Basically the science of collecting, analysing and extracting inference from the data is called statistics. Earlier, statistics had limitations in its usage as a useful mathematics’ branch, however, slowly, it expanded its significance and was used for researchers to access right data.

Owing to its accuracy, these days, statistical methods and analysis are being used to communicate research findings. At the same time, these methods are used in supporting hypotheses and hence they give credibility to research methodology and conclusions.

Researcher should understand the statistics in terms of its significance. He should know what kind of inference could be taken out from the statistics. By the end of the day, the researcher can make final report on the basis of the information.

Objective of statistics
Statistics aim at helping researchers. Understanding variety of phenomena in the world comes as the major objective of the statistics. It is these states that finally help researchers draw reliable conclusions on different subjects.

Modus operandi of research
Before starting and conducting research, you should always follow the given steps:

Step 1 Design your questionnaire smartly: You should frame your questions in such a way that it can answer point to point to your problem. Try to put basic question to your research. This will help to find out the right answer to you which you have been seeking since long.

Step 2 Explore options of all variables and look what can be measured in which manner: Look at the option of assigning numbers. This will help in indicating different values of variables and hence will bring in right results

Step 3 Try coming out with an appropriate method of data collection: See if your data could be collected from the present sources/databases. The researcher should select right method of data collection from different processes such as Data/Sampling Error, The Survey System, Survey Design, Sample Size Formula, Survey Monkey Design Software and Calculator etc.

Step 4: Summarize the entire data to know its meaning: This step helps to find out the crux of an average subject.

Step 5: Analyze Results: This initiative helps in finding out the final result thereby giving a final claim to hypothesis.

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