Big Data Analysis – Emerging Trends

The key edge of big data and analytics, including data lakes for holding various stores of data in its original format, and cloud computing is a crucial target. Additionally, when the varied technology choices are not mature enough, you simply cannot wait. The fact is that the discipline of big data and analytics are in continuous evolution mode and at a rapid rate, the businesses need to quickly decide whether to ignore it or take a big risk being left behind.

Earlier, it may have taken years for the emerging technologies to mature. But in the current scenario, now technology experts perform and drive solutions in just weeks or months. So, let us now discuss the emerging trends that you need to keep watch of.

Varied options for preparing end users for discovering various data growth forms
Do you know that self-service data preparation tools are now becoming significantly popular? This is typically as a result of the shift towards business user generated data discovery tools that helps in reducing data analysis time. The fact is that business users are always looking for ways of reducing the complexity and time for preparing data for analysis. This is especially crucial in the world of big data when the businesses need to deal with a wide array of data formats and types.

Big Data and Cloud Come Together
Even though the technology is still in its early phase, but the data from the varied devices from the Internet of Things or IoT is going to become one of most prominent applications for a driver of petabyte scale data explosion as well as the cloud.

New options for adding speed to Hadoop
As Hadoop is getting added foothold in businesses, there is surely going to be an enhanced demand from end users for similar fast data exploration capacities which they expect from conventional data warehouses. For meeting the end user demands, the adoption of technologies like Actian Vector, AtScale, Impala, Cloudera and Jethro Data that help the old friend of the business user, the OLAP cube, for Hadoop is going to grow. It will further blur the lines behind the world of big data and the conventional BI concepts!

Hadoop adding to enterprise standards
With the increased evidence towards the enhancing trend of Hadoop becoming an integral part of the enterprise IT landscape, investments are going to grow in the elements which surround the enterprise systems like security!

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