SPSS Analysis for Your Dissertation – Make it easy with us.

Statistical data analysis is a tough stage to cross for many doctoral research scholars who have been working on their dissertations. However, the use of statistical software like SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) makes it a smoother task. It is ethical to use such software packages and even your university may recommend the use of SPSS. If that is the case but you are unaware of SPSS analysis for your dissertation, do not panic. StatWorkz can make it easier, faster and beneficial for you to conduct research data analysis in SPSS. Find out how.

How StatWorkz simplifies SPSS analysis for you

1. Comprehensive data analysis support: At StatWorkz, we have professional statisticians to guide you on data analysis, as well as tasks like data collection, filtering and mining that can be done using SPSS. Our expert statisticians use the latest version of SPSS to offer you the required results in the most accurate manner.

2. Learning-oriented help: Our statisticians help you understand the usage of SPSS and the way SPSS data analysis is conducted for your dissertation. They assist you in using the right statistical tests in SPSS and make you understand the reason for choosing those specific tests. Such knowledge helps when you reach the stage of defending your dissertation.
Statistical test selection for custom analysis: Your research design and data characteristics are understood well by our statistical experts. Based on their understanding, they guide you in conducting data analysis by applying suitable parametric and non-parametric tests that can help in answering your research questions. These tests vary from ANOVA and t-test to correlation, regression, discriminant analysis, and Mann Whitney.

3. Accurate SPSS solutions: From data cleaning, input and management to the interpretation of output received from statistical test conduction, our statisticians manage every aspect of SPSS analysis in a customized manner. At StatWorkz, our experienced statisticians deliver 100% accurate results and interpretation help to answer all the original research questions.
Result reports: With us, you timely receive all the data analysis reports in well-presented formats that help you in crafting the Data Analysis chapter of your dissertation perfectly.

Thus, the professional statistical experts at StatWorkz support you effectively in making an efficient use of various advantageous features in SPSS and in conducting appropriate statistical tests per your research design and project requirements. Our statisticians offer personalized help with analyzing any amount of research data in SPSS and even with its visualization and reporting.

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